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Communauté d'agglomération de La Rochelle

As the authority organising transport, the Communauté d'Agglomération de La Rochelle (CdA) is tasked with organising transport in its territory. It delegates operation of the urban public transport network to several operators including Régie des Transports Communautaires Rochelais and Transdev.

Régie des Transports Communautaires Rochelais (RTCR)

 CdA has assigned the RTCR with management of:
- bus connections around the inner circle of towns around La Rochelle (Angoulins-sur-Mer, Aytré, Châtelaillon-Plage, Lagord, La Rochelle, La Jarne, L'Houmeau, Périgny, Puilboreau and Saint-Rogatien),
- the ILLICO link between Lagord, to the north of La Rochelle, and Les Minimes or Bongraine to the south in 20 minutes through dedicated bus lanes,
- self-service bikes,
- transport on demand (Yélo la nuit),
- transport of persons with reduced mobility (ISIGO),
- sea ferries and buses via TMAR, a subsidiary of Inter-Îles,
- two park & rides (Greffières and Vilejeux)


Transdev has been delegated with management of the urban bus lines of the second circle (Dompierre-sur-Mer, Esnandes, Marsilly, Nieul-sur-Mer, Sainte-Soulle, Saint-Vivien, Saint-Xandre and Salles-sur-Mer).

Proxiway, a subsidiary of Transdev is in charge of:
- Yélomobile self-service electric cars,
- the town centre goods delivery service Elcidis (in an electric truck),
- the electric shuttles between the Jean Moulin park & ride and the Vieux-Port.

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Yélo: smart transport

For easy identification and use of the range of public transport services in its territory, Communauté d'Agglomération de La Rochelle has created the Yélo brand. This covers all transport modes available in the district. Bringing to mind the colour yellow and similar in sound to the word "vélo" (French for bike), Yélo refers to the colour that has adorned bikes in the La Rochelle district since 1976. The Yélo brand symbolises a new era in public transport, combining diversity, complementarity, accessibility and respect for the environment.

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